English Classes at Redeemer Church

We will be starting ESL this week - September 30th at 6:45 pm. We are asking everyone to wear masks for at least the first few weeks till we understand the COVID situation. We will drop the mask request as soon as we feel i is relatively safe for everyone.

Our classes meet on Thursday evenings from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm during the school year. Preregistration is not required; simply come to class a few minutes early and we will register you then.

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We are not able to help with the GED.

We have separate classes ranging from Beginning to Advanced. We do a combination of grammar, casual discussion, reading and writing, and discussions on idioms. We also have a group lesson on some aspect of grammar, with application to a short Bible passage. Child care is provided for our Thursday classes; this includes three levels: infant and young child care, child care through 2nd grade, as well as a class for children from 3rd grade to 6th grade..

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If you are curious about the Bible, you may click here for several articles on what the Bible is and what it teaches.