Return to Worship

The following is a modification of the current “stay-at-home” recommendations as we gradually increase our corporate interactions:

  • We will begin meeting for corporate worship on 3 May, morning and evening.
  • We do not have the nursery open yet, Sunday School in person, or fellowship meals in order to continue to be cautious as we monitor the outworking of this pandemic. We hope to gradually add these other activities in the near future.
  • The Lord’s Supper will be served at the regularly appointed services. We will serve the elements from the front of the sanctuary and have families come to the front in turn to receive them.
  • The deacons will work on a way to collect the offerings while maintaining appropriate distance and with minimal or no contact. (Offerings can still be sent by check or have your bank forward a check with their bill pay service.)
  • Services will continue to be live streamed, as many may still prefer to remain at home during this time.
  • Those whom we ask to remain at home are:
    • Individuals and their families who feel ill in any way
    • Individuals and their families who have or have had any symptoms of illness in the last 14 days
    • Anyone who has had prolonged exposure (due to their employment or otherwise) with persons under investigation or confirmed positive persons with COVID-19

Important: Those who may be at greater risk for severe or life-threatening complications due to COVID 19 should use their judgement in deciding whether to attend in person. The CDC guidelines are here: [].

We expect that with these conditions, a good portion of our congregation may remain at home during these days. For those who do come, please use the following guidelines while at church (per Ohio Department of Health and CDC):

  • Masks should be worn, except for those on the platform while up front
  • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet (Parents will need to take special care to monitor their children and maintain this separation, since they may not be accustomed to doing this.)
  • Refrain from touching any surfaces except your seat
  • Refrain from touching your eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Maintain strict hygiene in the restrooms – children must be attended, only touch handles and surfaces with paper towels
  • Sit at an appropriate distance from one another – avoid sitting directly in front of, behind, or next to others
  • Bring your own water bottles
  • Socialize outside the building after the service

The building and the worship service will be maintained with the following guidelines:

  • All sanctuary doors will be kept open
  • Only the main door at the bottom of the stairs will be used to enter the building
  • The main door will be opened by an usher
  • Masks will be available at church for those who don’t have them (We have a supply generously provided by Ning Zhou)
  • Evening services will also be live streamed.

Please keep in mind our desire to maintain the unity of the body of Christ, the testimony of the gospel and access to the means of grace. We do not take these measures out of fear, but out of love for others. The necessity of these measures is dependent on our compliance with government requests and our observance of the societal conditions. We pray for wisdom and seek the counsel of those with expertise in medical professions. Dr. Bryant Webber of our own congregation has been a very helpful adviser. Obviously, we cannot mandate our love for others, but we believe that these guidelines demonstrate that love. Let us pray toward this end and regardless of the guidelines that are set, let’s maintain a spirit of unity that does not put our own preferences above others.

Finally, the session sees these changes as indefinite but fluid. Further changes will be communicated to the congregation when the guidelines change.