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Redeemer is a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
We are located in Beavercreek, OH (east of Dayton)

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October 24-25th at Camp Akita

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Redeemer OPC is located at 22 S. Fairfield Rd. Beavercreek, OH 45440.

The Law Transmogrified

In the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes, there is a device Calvin invents called the “transmogrifier” – a cardboard box that turns one object into another. While the machine is imaginary of course, the verb “transmogrify” from which the idea is taken is not fictional or fanciful. It means “to change in form or appearance,” and its connotation has historically been associated with negative transformation.

Theological Haiku

Ordo Salutis
salvation order
the golden chain, string of pearls
unbreakable thread

Effectual calling
“My sheep know my voice”
wooing, winning his chosen
whisper like thunder

stony ground broken
mystery: monergism
heart circumcision

mouth’s yea, heart’s amen
crawling, clinging to the cross
“My peace I give you”

new reputation
simultaneous sinner
righteous, title to life

Lord's Supper reflection

"Now brethren it occurred to me, that on a day like this, a day on which we have sat at the Lord's table to commemorate his death, it might be well for us to observe how the Lord (knowing our weakness, our forgetfulness, our tendency to look away from that which is most vital and essential in our religion, and to let ourselves be absorbed and distracted by a multitude of surface-duties and surface-experiences); how the Lord, I say, knowing this weakness, has made gracious provision in the institution of the Supper for recalling us ever again to a sense of what is the center and core of our

Abstain from Every Form of Evil

“Abstinence” biblically speaking is not limited to avoiding only one sort of practice, but is all-embracing and all-encompassing. Whenever and wherever wickedness may meet us, we are to run in the opposite direction. As the Apostle Paul writes, “abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22). Let’s unpack this for a moment.

"Comforting Eve"

From OPC Pastor Eric Watkins:

"There are countless places in the Bible that will comfort Christians in their trials or encourage them in their obedience through reflection on the things that are to come. Perhaps it is too common (and unhelpful) to reduce these things, the study of which is called eschatology, to “that hard-to-understand stuff at the end of the Bible.” Rather, I would like to suggest that eschatology is not simply that with which the Bible ends; it is also that with which the Bible begins, and that knowing our eschatology is extremely comforting.

Commending Ken Myers

The former NPR commentator and now host of "Mars Hill Audio", Ken Myers makes a great point when he observes that evangelical Christians began to re-engage culture (in the mid twentieth century) at just the time that popular culture was in a state of disarray – when culture was in fact ‘anti-culture.’ Myers’ career has been devoted in part to challenging Christians to think more critically about how to engage culture – not only with the ‘surface products’ but also its systemic and methodological underpinnings.

T. David Gordon on "Pop Goes the Worship"

Dr. Gordon has written a recent book called "Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns" and was interviewed recently by Christianity Today on the topic. Here is an excerpt: