John Carr


John Carr was saved at the US Air Force Academy through diligent friendship evangelism.  The Air Force took him to Sacramento, CA, for Navigator/Electronic Warfare training where he also met and married Gwen.  His spiritual pilgrimage took him to Baptist churches, first learning of the eternal security of believers, and then the doctrines of grace.  After transitioning from flying on B-52s to acquisition, the Air Force brought John and his family to Dayton in 1987.  After a brief time in a Reformed Baptist church, they came to Redeemer drawn by the clear teaching of all of Scriptures, the strong reformed doctrine, and the overt hospitality.  John retired from the Air Force and after a short period as a contractor, joined the civil service at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Gwen was the organist at Redeemer for many years, and John has served as an ordained officer since the early 1990s.  John has been greatly blessed to be married to Gwen for more than 45 years.  Their three adult children and their families, including 10 grandchildren, live in the Dayton area.  John enjoys family time, service in the church, and hospitality.  Through the years at the Carr’s, many have enjoyed meals, game times, and even some extended stays for individuals and families.

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