Mike Lindsey


Mike Lindsey has served at Redeemer as a deacon since 1995 (with 10 years serving Covenant OPC in their infancy 1996 – 2009).  For the last three years, he has held a position on the Presbytery diaconate committee.  Mike and his wife Dena have two daughters and became guardians of five family members, four in 1979 and one more in 1993. The family’s early years included devotedly attending church, mostly in the United Methodist Church, while transitioning from military to civilian life with frequent business moves. Just before moving from Michigan to Ohio, the Lindsey family providentially joined an Orthodox Presbyterian church in Michigan and came to Redeemer in 1992. Mike worked for Motorola then IBM as a field engineer servicing computers before his current position at Cincinnati Insurance Companies (retiring Jan 3, 2022). Mike enjoys spending time with his family and friends, fishing, and camping.

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